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Let’s be frank – the hospitality industry really has taken a bruising over the past 24 months – but there is a better way - The GladdenWay

Let’s be frank – the hospitality industry really has taken a bruising over the past 24 months. Business owners up and down the country have been left reeling from the effects of the pandemic, and even with restrictions being lifted, the full brunt of the aftershock of recent events continues to plague the hospitality sector.

Simply rolling with the punches and waiting for the storm to pass has not proven to be a sufficient strategy. Business owners have needed to look for new and innovative ways to mitigate the damage and get back on the road to recovery.

At Gladden Hub, we serve as the gateway to that recovery. We get in touch with what consumers want and put that into one easy to use platform so you can make the most of their custom!

Contrary to the rise of market giants like Just Eat and Deliveroo, evidence shows that it’s the urge to get out and experience new things that’s really driving consumer behaviour right now. The public are now truly seeking new adventures – packing their bags and trying to make the most of their time off post pandemic, with the advent of summer only reinforcing this trend.

Our multi-industry audience is geared towards helping you make the most of this behaviour. When one of our users finds that spa retreat they’ve been looking for, they’ll be seeing your restaurant for that evening. When they book that hotel for their new city getaway that weekend, they’ll find your nail salon to round of an extra special trip! We’re really focused on building those experiences for them, allowing them to discover your venue and check out seamlessly all in one basket. With our industry beating commission rates of 0%, Gladden Hub is definitely that tool you want to use for this summer!

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