The Open Secret Killing Hospitality 

Many business owners within the hospitality sector have been suffering in silence. From UberEats, Deliveroo & JustEat – to, Wowcher and others – third-party delivery apps with billions of dollars have perpetuated a distorted business model rooted in consumer convenience — and it’s the restaurants, hotels, spas and workers paying the price.

In an industry where profit margins typically hover around 5-20%, and platform fees are on average 30%, many businesses owners within this sector feel they have no choice but to continue using if they want exposure – they think “this is what you have to do because this is what everyone is doing.”

Partnering with Uber Eats is marketing in itself. But that’s not enough: Considering the high commissions, those apps take, restaurants might not make any money through the app. Yet they hope to convert sales to their direct channels, and it starts with getting noticed.

The Power Of Direct Customer Contact 

Most business owners if not all understand the power of referrals and repeat customs. It is essential that business owners, especially within the hospitality sector are able to communicate with their prospective customers directly. 

In the case of restaurants, what makes them the most profit is bums on chairs. A family of 5, not ordering via an app that charges unwarranted fees – but venturing into the premises, enjoying all the restaurant has to offer along with drinks, desserts, and more. That is the lifeblood of a successful restaurant. The same principle applies in various forms across the sector. 

But what if, as opposed to being dictated to by platforms, businesses were able to put forward the best offerings in the format they desire? 

Seasons and times will always change – but some things remain the same, and as we return to normal and people begin to venture out and meet with friends and loved ones, it is important that the hospitality sector take advantage of this. 

At GladdenHUB, we connect customers with the services they need. We are proud to provide to partner with businesses in the hospitality sector and enable them to raise their profile, and reach more customers without the crippling fess – so they can begin to refocus on what they do best – serving customers.

We believe there is a better way and we provide a platform where businesses in the hospitality sector can truly flourish and its starts here for FREE! 

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