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London, UK

  • Makizushi

    Makizushi is sushi that's rolled into long cylinders. It may be cut into shorter pieces before being served. The word makizushi can be translated as "sushi roll." It's often simply called maki. It usually has nori on the outside but can also be wrapped with leaves such as shiso. Maki is filled with sushi rice and ingredients such as raw fish, cooked fish, and vegetables.
    Offer Price £1.00
    Actual Price £1.50
  • Tempura

    Tempura is deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter. Care is taken to cook tempura at a low temperature for a short time to preserve the taste of ingredients. It's served with a light tentsuyu dip.
    Offer Price £1.20
    Actual Price £1.60
  • Ramen

    Hot Chinese-style wheat noodles in meat, fish, miso or soy sauce broth. It's an inexpensive, filling, easy to find a snack. Despite the fact that ramen is cheap, there's a big difference in quality from one shop to the next. A shop that earns a reputation amongst ramen aficionados will regularly have long lines while a shop just next door may be empty. It's the type of dish that isn't easy to perfect.
    Offer Price £2.00
    Actual Price £2.50
  • Sashimi

    Raw sliced fish or meat. Freshness and aesthetics are important to sashimi dishes. Otherwise, it's just hunks of fish.
    Offer Price £3.00
    Actual Price £3.50
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