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    A modern take on the age-old crew cut, the fade is a timeless style that keeps you looking fresh and sharp. Kept short and tight at the bottom, the length gradually gets longer at the top of the head. The fade is a fresh, detailed look that’s perfect for naturally textured hair but looks sharp on all hair types. You’ll always look polished with this cut.
    Offer Price £19.00
    Actual Price £20.00

    THE CUT It’s all about the transitions with the timeless taper fade. The hair is clipper cut, and made gradually shorter until it reaches the ears and neckline. The front hairline can be lined up to give it a very finished look. The taper fade is a fresh, detailed cut that’s great for naturally textured hair. A no-fuss option for the guy who likes to wash and go, this cut will look fresh and sharp every day.
    Offer Price £39.00
    Actual Price £40.00

    THE CUT Want a men’s haircut with a little length that still looks neat and cleaned up? A long clipper haircut like this may be just the thing. First, a clipper is used to cut the sides and back to around 3/4 of an inch. Then the top is scissor trimmed with the short sides and back to bring the look together for a smooth transition. The style’s completed with a sharp neckline that’s kept tight over the ears and blends into the sideburns. It’s a solid choice for the guy who doesn’t want to go super short and wants the flexibility to change up the look for different occasions.
    Offer Price £49.00
    Actual Price £50.00

    THE CUT Want to keep your thick hair in check while keeping some length? One way is with the classic longer layers cut. First, the sides and back are trimmed. Then the top is cut with a scissors-and-comb cutting technique. It’s then joined with the sides and back. Finally, this sharp style is finished with a cleaned-up, square neckline that brings together the overall look. Clean and trim without being boring, long layers offer a number of styling options so you can change up the look with the help of a product or two.
    Offer Price £49.00
    Actual Price £50.00

    THE CUT Low on maintenance, high on style, the brush up is a fool-proof style for a guy on the go. With its clean lines and sharp neckline, it looks fresh and professional, but with a little product, it can be made more messy and spiky. All face shapes are complemented by this cut, and it works well for all hair types and textures too.
    Offer Price £79.00
    Actual Price £80.00
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