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Hair Service
  • Stylish Ponytail with Braid

    Here’s a totally different way to make a braided ponytail for girls. The loose braid is made at one side of the head and being included in the ponytail.
    Offer Price £149.00
    Actual Price £150.00
  • Straight Bob Haircut

    It is a trendy way to have a straight bob haircut this season. The bottom line decreases gradually from the back to the front and ends below the chin.
    Offer Price £129.00
    Actual Price £130.00
  • Short Layered Hairstyle for Fine Hair

    The short pixie hair cut looks pretty and cute on young girls. You can style the long front layers into side bangs to frame your face better.
    Offer Price £99.00
    Actual Price £100.00
  • Short Layered Haircut for Blond Hair

    The short pixie haircut with layers will look great on round face shape. Its subtle fringe at the front can help to accentuate your beautiful eyes and cheekbones.
    Offer Price £90.00
    Actual Price £100.00
  • Shaved Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair

    Here’s a polished way to stylize short hair for girls. For this sleek and luscious look, you may need to apply plenty of hair pomade over the length.
    Offer Price £99.00
    Actual Price £100.00
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