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  • Burrito

    One of the most common Mexican dishes, a burrito is a flour tortilla filled with a protein (usually chicken, pork, beef, or steak), rice, beans, and other fillings like lettuce and salsa before being wrapped so it’s easy to hold in your hand.
    Offer Price £4.00
    Actual Price £5.00
  • Burrito Suizo

    A burrito suizo means a burrito with melted cheese or a cheese sauce on top. “Suizo” means Swiss in Spanish (as in Swiss cheese), but the term is used to refer to any type of cheese.
    Offer Price £2.50
    Actual Price £3.00
  • Chimichanga

    A chimichanga is simply a deep-fried burrito. Sometimes a cheese, green chili, or sour cream-based sauce is put on top.
    Offer Price £4.50
    Actual Price £5.00
  • Churro

    This fritter is typically made from choux dough (a versatile light pastry dough that’s also used to make éclairs and beignets) that are pushed into long, ridged shapes before being deep-fried. Commonly sold by all types of food merchants, from restaurateurs to street vendors, they can be eaten as a breakfast dish or simply a sweet treat.
    Offer Price £4.50
    Actual Price £5.00
  • Gordita

    Gorditas are cornmeal flatbread stuffed with a meat filling (braised beef stew, pulled chicken, and slow-cooked pork are all popular choices). First, the flatbread is deep-fried, making it puff up and hollow out. Then the cook makes a slit in one side of the bread and stuffs it with the filling.
    Offer Price £3.00
    Actual Price £4.00
  • Quesadilla

    This is wheat or corn tortilla that’s cooked flat on a grill with cheese, vegetables, and often protein on top before being folded over to make a half-moon. This can be eaten as an appetizer or entrée, depending on size.
    Offer Price £1.00
    Actual Price £1.50
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