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How Can Hospitality Businesses Survive?

Many businesses within the hospitality industry have already been deeply impacted by recent events. This is a sector where 80% halted trading and 1.4 million employees were furloughed at the height of the pandemic. 

The Open Secret Killing Hospitality 

Many business owners within the hospitality sector have been suffering in silence. From UberEats, Deliveroo & JustEat – to, Wowcher and others – third-party delivery apps with billions of dollars have perpetuated a distorted business model rooted in consumer convenience — and it’s the restaurants, hotels, spas and workers paying the price.

Why GladdenHUB Why Now?

Let’s be frank – the hospitality industry really has taken a bruising over the past 24 months – but there is a better way - The GladdenWay
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